Spokavore Challenge Day 3: Where I Love Local Business Employees and Set the Fire Alarm Off…

February 18, 2010


Yes, I set the fire alarm off five times!  I. am. awesome.

Today was a weird day.  Let’s just get to the facts.

Breakfast: Apple from Rocket Market

Lunch: Something my best friend Nicole from high school used to call “Baseball” something.  Her dad used to make them all the time for breakfast.  Baseball sandwich?  Baseball bat?  Baseball grand slam?  I don’t know, and frankly, I don’t know why I wrote that all out because I don’t care.  It was toast with a flippin’ egg on top of it.  The toast, was made from Tuscan Petit Chat bread and topped with Petit Chat garlic and rosemary butter.  The egg was over easy (or sunny side up, hell if I know anything about cooking eggs) was from Rocky Ridge Ranch (bought at Rocket Market).  I used Coeur D’Alene House Blend Oil bought from Rocket Market, too.  Hey cholesterol!

Er…so, I got a phone call from one of my favorite people in the whole wide world about an hour after I ate lunch.  She is in town, I haven’t seen her since high school, and she and her friends were heading towards Riverfront Park.  I got ready and hurried as fast as I could to meet up with her.  I had to go to work at 4 and completely forgot to bring snacks with me!  I knew that I was going to kill someone if I didn’t eat for 12 hours straight during the day, but I thought I could make it.  I mean, it’s unhealthy but people do it all the time, right?

Well, I don’t think this challenge is about promoting eating disorders, nor was I going to chow down on everything in front of my face and forfeit the challenge.

SO, during my 15 minute break, I walked as fast as I could to Atticus, hoping that they had some local edible product.  That’s where I bought some Peppernuts and Wildbeary Huckleberry Syrup (not sure if I will use it this week, but Monique’s pancakes look mouthwatering)!

I think my most favorite thing about this challenge so far is talking to the employees of these local businesses.  They are excited as hell that this is going on, which, from my point of view, means they love their job, Spokane, and what they are doing.   You know a product is going to be good when the person that makes it “hopes that there are leftovers at the end of the day so they can take it home.” (the baker who made the Petit Chat butter).  Also, the employee from Atticus was more than thrilled to hear about the competition and help me find local products!

Anyway, this post is getting long and boring:

Dinner: 1/2 grilled cheese left over from last night’s dinner, and roasted yukon potatoes (from Rocket Market) with CDA Olive Oil and Petit Chat butter (this is what set the fire alarm off 5 times).   My potatoes were good!  I even made two other people try them and they liked it.

I just have a fire alarm problem…

All this butter, bread, and cheese might lead to a detox day.  I need to eat more veggies and fruit tomorrow!

Did I mention I had three glasses of the Lone Canary Savignon Blanc tonight?  Well..I did.


3 Responses to “Spokavore Challenge Day 3: Where I Love Local Business Employees and Set the Fire Alarm Off…”

  1. Monique Says:

    Your post wasn’t boring at all; I was thinking of how much I enjoyed that you went in to detail about how this impacts others who are a part of Spokane local business. Thanks.

    If you’ve read Paul’s post I think you could play off the idea that those “good” foods are representin’ for the “bad” ones and all is good in the digestive system.

  2. […] Becky might actually be a pyromaniac. […]

  3. […] met at Main Market and I loitered around with her for a bit and distracted her from her shopping (no fire alarms) before heading back to work. Thanks Becky, I made some mayo-like dressing to complement my dinner […]

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